I’m just a Oklahoma Girl

Well, this feels to me to be a pretty seriously silly prayer request, but I need some help and don’t have a lot of other options!

Spero has some pretty exciting potential in our work with refugees from all over the world.  More about that in another post as it develops.  So, that has caused Brad and I to become more involved in the refugee population than we were previously.  I’m liking that and have no complaints there!  

It’s just that I have a hard time remembering someone’s name when it’s Eric.  Or Bob.  Or Lou.  I’ve grown up in Oklahoma and have absolutely no propensity for foreign languages, as evidenced by the fact that I can’t remember how to ask for the bathroom if I were to visit France even though I completed French IV in high school.   So, I’m really struggling with remembering people’s names that are so different to my ear.  I know it’s important to remember people’s names and it has to make them feel less important to me than they really are when I have to ask several times!  

So, I need the Lord to open up my measly little brain!  And, to continue to have favor on us in working with this population, creating and blessing relationships.




  1. trishadenise said

    write the names down. more than once. after you meet someone, go write their name on a piece of paper at least 10 times in a row. then throw the paper away if you want. i’ve heard this theory works with most anything you want to learn – engaging more than just your ears but also your eyes and hands – but all i know is that when i was teaching classes of 15 students from 15 countries, or worse, all from one country (much more difficult to distinguish between names), i had a hard time until i wrote their names several times in the gradebook, on the seating chart, on the presentation schedule… something about having to concentrate on the spelling repeatedly burned it into my brain. maybe that will help you.

    Lord, please open up kim’s not-so-measly brain to retain the unfamiliar names she encounters so that she can more effectively communicate your love to the people that she is ministering to. We praise you for what you are doing through this project.

  2. speroproject said

    Thanks, Trish! I just needed an expert to help me!

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