Ornament Project

So, I’ve been toying with the idea of selling Spero ornaments each Christmas.  Start with a set of 5 and add a couple to the set each year.  The ornaments would highlight a specific country or region and all the profits would go to organizations and churches helping in those areas.   I’ve been working on ideas and quotes and haven’t seemed to come across anything that seems just right.

Until this morning when I was meeting with my friend, Jennifer, who is soon going to work at an orphanage in Sierra Leone.  We thought it would be great if she took blank ornaments and the children handpainted them!  The cost is low, so most of the purchase price would go straight to help the orphanage!

So, we want to use this idea with our first 5 ornaments we sell this Christmas.  If you or someone you know are going on a Mission Trip before the end of October (or at the very latest-early November) and would be interested in helping with this project let us know!  It doesn’t have to be children painting.  Just as long as it’s personalized by people living in the region and there’s an organization doing work in the region that we can send the funds to.

Contact me at kimberlysbandy@yahoo.com if you are interested.  Thanks!


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