I’ll take a Never-Ending Coffee Pot with a side of Nostalgia

After dropping Layne at my father’s for a bit, I raced to IHOP to get some wi-fi time without the kiddo.  It’s much easier to complete sentences without stopping to remind Layne that climbing the stereo could result in a “surround-sound” experience that would be less than pleasant for him.

And, believe it or not (probably not for those who know me well), I actually started tearing up when I came through the door.  I was shocked myself.  Crying for me is typically reserved for severe meltdown after at least 72 hours of sleep deprivation, a toe or some other digit being amputated, or at the very least finding out that Don Johnson had some serious misgivings in his past, leaving me with a black hole where my crush on Nash Bridges once resided.

But, on occasion, the Lord softens my heart when He is teaching me something or reminding me of a sweet time with Him.  This is one of those times.  IHOP will always be the meeting place of myself, Nikki, and Emilee when we came from our first Passion Experience.  OneDay in Sherman, Texas–and God spoke to us all.  Seriously.  He told us to wake up and see His Glory.  To re-orient our thoughts about the Gospel, putting Him in the center and not man.  And He told us to get ready for a generation of people who would do the same.

Most of these IHOP meetings immediately following were complete silence.  We all knew it would be irreverent to “chat” about what we’d come to know as if it was a great principle.  This was the ultimate Truth and we needed Jesus to dwell in us in such a way that it could be a reality.  And, I remember the feeling.  Before the work of ministry clouded our thoughts and we felt torn between “results” and “resting”.  Before it just got so hard to trust Him.  Before I thought I was being a silly kid when I believed a group of people would rise up, passionate only about His Name.

Well, I’m glad He’s reminding me.  He hasn’t changed.  I have.  It’s easier to have dreams before you start the process.  Then the stuff that happens in between the dream and the reality doesn’t trick you into thinking there won’t be a reality at all.  

I’m reminded of Isaiah 62 (thanks, Em!), and Haggai, and John 17.  I’m reminded that we are to be a people completely given to Him.  And I’m reminded of the beauty He can show when a few girls are willing to try to figure out how to live out John 17 with each other.  I’m thankful to Nikki and Emilee.  I’m thankful for John Piper, Louie Giglio and all the others who were willing to be used at OneDay.  And I’m humbled and humbled and humbly grateful that the Lord reminds me of His Glory, His Grace, and His Purpose.  I needed it now.


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