Videos and Visions

I’m just going to see how many of these entries I can make with logical alliterations.  It sounds like a fun game.  Well, Brad and I just talked to a good friend Ben Hill who is excited about the Spero vision and is going to help us with some ideas on getting the word out when September 30th comes.  That’s good news for us because my technological savvy ends at text messaging.  And, that’s a stretch sometimes.

It was so good to talk to him in person because it was helping to solidify our vision for what Spero could do.  We don’t want to re-do something that a church is already doing.  We love local churches.  We have friends at lots of them and have probably attended more than reasonable just because we love aspects of all kinds of churches.  We want to help local churches work together, to live out John 17, and to find joy in doing it.  Some of the long-term things we’re thinking of that we shared with him:  

Language for missions classes.  Not many of us have time to learn the entire Spanish language in order to go on a short-term trip.  But, maybe you’d want to go to a 6-week class that focuses on the basics plus what you might need to know in mission-minded conversations.  

A little more long-term: Transitional apartments for long-term missionaries before and after they go as well as while they’re home on visits.  It’s hard to time everything right when leaving, and when you come back, you might have sold your house, you quit your job, and you need to start over. We want to help with that. 

These are just a couple of ideas that we think would be really beneficial and we’re excited about being a part of it.  We’d love to hear from you.  What are your thoughts?  Nothing is too big or small.  We’re looking for things that will help the local church, its members, and the community around them.  Maybe things that one church wouldn’t have enough interest in to sustain, but a few people from several churches might come together and really need it.  I know you have ideas.  You’re smart.  Let us have ’em!


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