Here’s the long story of Spero

Hello friends and family,

Brad and Kim Bandy, here.  We’re writing to you to share an exciting vision God has placed in our hearts.  While the passion for this vision has been in our hearts for some time, we feel we’re just now understanding the practical way in which it is to be carried out.  

I realize what’s to follow is a pretty lengthy letter, but we hope what you read will be so exciting that you breeze right through it! 

We are excited about partnering with and supporting local church and ministry leaders, with the goal of sustaining impact in a global community.  We will do this by helping followers of Jesus find practical resources, gain information, and dialogue with others in order to activate their faith in their local and global communities and to maintain involvement in those communities after the initial stage of interest.

We have big plans for The Spero Project, but this letter is about the initial step—a website (blog for now) meant to provide resources and information for individuals, families, small groups, and ministries. Below are some of the components that we will include, and we hope you can help us with them.  Our goal is to have the site running by September 30th, so we’d really appreciate any information you can give us by September 1st in order to give us time to sort and format. 


1.     We would like to develop a community calendar of sorts, devoted to global awareness.  This would allow people who are interested to check out one site consistently and would enable anyone putting on an event or activity to spread the word quickly to people who care.  We’re talking about things like fundraisers for missions trips/organizations, awareness initiatives (like Invisible Children, etc.), speakers talking about a specific organization, need, and/or geographic area, benefit concerts, art shows.  Perhaps International adoption support groups or prayer meetings focused on certain geographical areas?


You can help us by sending us anything like this coming up that you are a part of or are simply aware of.  This doesn’t have to be just a local event or a “Christian” event, either.  We would include speakers at local Universities discussing pertinent global issues like Micro Lending, for example.  Once the site is running, we’ll have a link for people to send us info and continually update, but we need a good start for the launch.   **Note:  these should be events that are geared toward the public.  Not, for instance, a service project designed for your church members only to participate in. 


2.     We’re also developing a resource list for families, small groups, or ministries.  We want to give them creative and easy to implement ideas, raising awareness and helping with needs all over the globe.   For example:  Blood:Water Mission Clean Water “2 Week of Sacrifice” Campaign.  Simply commit to drink only water for 2 weeks and save anything you would have spent on coffee drinks, juice, soft drinks etc.  At the end of the two weeks, collect the money and send it to Blood:Water Mission to provide clean drinking water for Africans who would not have it otherwise.   We’d just have a brief description, then a link to their site.

We’d love your help by letting us know about things like this you’ve done or that you’ve seen and thought would be a good idea.  Also, we want to have a section highlighting exciting things Jesus is doing locally and globally.  If you have amazing “success” stories about a small group project like this and would let us recount it, we’d love those, too.


3.     Vendors Section.  We’d highlight people or organizations selling items to benefit global or local causes.  For instance, our friends Paul and Jennifer Colley produced a CD benefitting orphans in Sierra Leone called “The World Should Know” (  Again, we’d give a description then link to a site if there is one.

If you or someone you know is selling an item for a specific cause and they’d like some more exposure, we’d love for you to send us the information about it. 





1.     Community Agency Needs.   This will be a great resource for people in small groups, Youth Pastors, and will also help individuals looking for a place to serve in their local community.  We’d do the “leg-work” in terms of gathering all the information from agencies and just present succinct, concrete information to help individuals or groups find places that need assistance.   Here’s an example:

Agency/Ministry:  Coffee Creek Riding Center

Brief Description:  Provides educationally based therapeutic

horseback riding lessons to children with disabilities.

                        Location:  Edmond


                        Agency Need:  After storm clean up.  Jump lot and riding arena have

debris from recent storm.  Group of 6-10 needed to trim trees, pick up debris and haul it off.  Rakes provided but other tools and trucks/trailers will need to be provided by group. 

Schedule:  Approximate duration=2 hours. 

Staff available for supervision on Wednesday and Friday evenings, and Saturdays after 1:00p.m.

  The group can contact us by phone or email if interested in signing up for this project.  The hope is to have one-time and monthly needs as well as more consistent needs in order to give groups options without having to commit to adding much more to their schedule.   If you’ve ever tried to get a service project together for a small group with 10 different schedules and interests, you know how exciting it would be to all sit around a computer together and decide at once something that you’d like to do together!

If you are involved with an agency that could benefit from us listing their needs, we’d love for you to let us know.  It’s a great way to recruit new volunteers and to give your current volunteers a rest during “special projects.” 



We will be needing lots of prayer support for this endeavor as it grows.  If you’d be willing to pray for us, let us know and we’ll include you on occasional emails requesting prayer for specific needs. 

And, finally, we could also use volunteers for various projects as we grow.  For now, a lot of the work can be done by email and phone.  If you are excited about this vision and want to be a part of it, please let us know and we can talk about a good fit between you and the needs of The Spero Project.

There will be more components to the site when we launch and even more added each month.  We hope that you visit it often and benefit a great deal from it.   We can’t thank you enough for any help you can give us.  We know what a commodity time is, and we truly appreciate you giving some of yours to this vision.  We’re so excited to see it unfold!

If you have information to send us, please email

Sustaining Hope.  Sending Us.

Brad and Kim Bandy


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