The story so far

Well, we’ve sent the initial proposal and request for information out to friends and family that we think would be interested in the project and are so thankful for all the help we’ve already received!

Right now we’re gathering information in order to be ready on the September 30th launch date.

Bryce Bandy and Chris Branson have been busy at work designing our logo and setting up all the computer-aided forms of communication we can now be a part of.  Good thing they’re around ’cause the word twitter has meant little to me in my life.  Also, I want to thank Trisha and Lee Heddlestedt for helping us hone the blog vision for this thing!

Other exciting news–Our friends at Blue 7 have offered to partner with us in the vendors section of the blog.  Each month Blue 7 will have an “item of the month” featured in their store and highlighted on our blog.  Anyone that purchases that item during the month gets to feel all warm and fuzzy inside b/c all of the profits from that product go to a great organization that we rotate monthly.  So, go visit our friends.  Support Blue 7 ’cause they’re cool enough to help out.


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  1. Bryce said

    Blue 7 and everyone there Rocks!

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